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Product Handling

Pallet handling to move green product safely and efficiently, and cubers for every sized operation.

Pallet Handling Technology

We lead the market in pallet transport systems, providing the most advanced, safest and most flexible means for moving green and cured product within your plant.


The state-of-the-art Columbia Pallet Transporter System safely transports green product to the kiln and cured products to the cubing operation, all without metal racks. Its flexible design works for “3-block” machines up to large pallet plants.


This system offers you an efficient, profitable alternative to any kiln system on the market today. With this single piece of equipment, you can bridge and automate the gap between your present rack loader/unloader system and your kilns. You will no longer need a person in or around the kilns.


Reduce downtime and keep pace with high-speed production lines using this smooth, gentle operating system. Its versatile design and scalable large capacity means you can serve multiple block machines simultaneously while maintaining throughput.


Designed and engineered to adapt to most concrete products machines, our Rack Loader and Unloader provides economical, automated product handling to your operation. You can transport racks to kilns with a forklift or the Trac-a-Rac.




Pallet Handling

Pallet Handling

Columbia’s product handling systems are designed and engineered to adapt to most concrete products machines, both Columbia and competitive models. Our equipment can bring economical, automated product handling to your operation.

Product Handling

Cubing Solutions

We have a wide variety of cubers suitable for every sized operation. Engineered for high productivity, low energy usage, and heavy-duty moving, each of our cubers will help you lower operating costs for years to come.

Clamp Style

Columbia cubers offer a variety of ways to stack cured product with flexible configurations suitable for any plant style.


Automation makes a significant increase on the productivity of your medium to large sized operation. A single robotic cuber can cube from multiple lines simultaneously while handling each cured product gently.

Plate Style

Heavy-duty construction and an energy-efficient design help this state-of-the-art cubing system maintain a high productivity rate while lowering operating costs.

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