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UK Master Mold Builder Class

Brandon, England 2018

Early December 2018, Columbia hosted a Master Mold Builder class in the UK for regional customers. Besblock, Denis May & Son, Glendinning, Lignacite (Brandon and North London), S. Morris, Mansfield Brick, Mona Precast, Aggregate Industries (Callow), WD Lewis, Interfuse, and Stowell Concrete attended. From these 11 block plants, the class accommodated 23 participants.

UK Master Mold Builder Class

The first day of class began with two hours of classroom learning about the order of operation for proper mold part inspection and mold assembly of M1600, M50 & CPM60 molds. Following the sit-down portion of the class, participants worked through the inspection and assembly process of a 100mm M1600 mold (furnished by Lignacite/North London). The second mold on the build schedule was an M50 hollow block mold furnished by Besblock.

On day two, a 63mm CPM60 brick mold supplies by Mansfield Brick was on the build schedule. Participants disassembled, inspected, and rebuilt the mold. The class then moved on to focus on the head of this brick mold (48 brick per drop), to include: inspection, tricks for interior shoes/plunger adjustment, and reassembly/aligning/testing.

UK Master Mold Builder Class

All around, the class had exceptional turnout and participation. Customers readily engaged in the classes getting hands-on experience. Columbia frequently holds technical classes to further customer training and improve efficiency in producer workforces. Classes in-plant or on-site at the training center in Vancouver, WA are available throughout the year. Check out our website to get involved:

Customers readily engaged in the classes getting hands-on experience.